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How to file CMP 08 from Taxbase GSTPro? Published on:13/01/2022
1) Go to GST Home select composition Taxpayer then go to Form and select CMP08 2) Select Period for data entry as below 3) Data Import and Export
How to file GST Refund from GSTPro Software Published on:13/01/2022
GST Return >> GST Refund >> RFD STMP01 Enter data entry in below option Manually From input GSTR 1 , GSTR 2a or Excel file
How to file E way bill from Taxbase GSTPro Software? Published on:13/01/2022
For preparing E Ways bill you have to enter e-way bill login ID & password in static info as below For generating e-way bill >> Data entry >> Sales & Purchases Then your transfer bill will be seen under below screen
How To prepare GSTR 1 from Taxbase GSTPro? Published on:13/01/2022
Go to GST Return -> GSTR-1 > GSTR 1, Select Month & year from the dropdown, Click on below Tabs as per requirement B2B / B2C / B2CL / Credit / Debit noted and amendments
How do I update my GST Return Dashboard from GST Website? Published on:10/03/2021
For updating Return Dashboard from GST website you have to go to Management -> in this option you will see three various sub options such as: 1. Static, 2. Details, & 3. Summary.
How to prepare GSTR 2 Published on:29/10/2020
Process shows how you can able to prepare GSTR 2 from the software.
How to Upload GSTR 1 Invoices through API. Published on:29/10/2020
Process shows how to use API for uploading your Sales Invoices on to the GST Portal
How to issue DSC through software Published on:29/10/2020
In this video process of issuing Digital Signature to your customers is shown, but for this you should be registered as Associate of Sinewave.
How to Prepare E Way Bill Published on:29/10/2020
E-Way bill generation is the document which required for transportation of goods process flow is shown in the video.
How to Prepare GSTR 3B. Published on:29/10/2020
GSTR 3B is alternative return for GSTR 3 it is also known as self assessment tax return which you need to fill manually
How to do Master Creation in GSTPro Software Published on:29/10/2020
In this Video full process of Master creation is shown so that you can follow steps and do your masters creation in the software.
How to import GSTR 2A JSON and Reconciliation Published on:29/10/2020
Here is the process shown how you can able to import data of GSTR 2A from GST portal and do your reconciliation of Tax Credit.
How to enter GSTR 2 data entry. Published on:29/10/2020
GSTR 2 return is not yet filed but here shown how you can do data entry of GSTR 2 for this go to GST Return -> GSTR 2
How to Prepare GSTR 1 With API Published on:29/10/2020
For this go to GST Return -> GSTR 1 prepare your full return and while uploading data on to GST portal use option of API
How to share TaxbaseGSTPro LITE license with Customer. Published on:29/10/2020
Here process is shown how you can able to issue GST Single customer software license to your dealer
How to prepare GSTR 4 Published on:29/10/2020
GSTR 4 is for Composition Dealer for this go to GST Return -> GSTR 4 to prepare this return
How to Prepare GSTR 9 Published on:29/10/2020
For this go to GST Return -> GSTR 9 (Annual Return) & follow the steps shown in the Video
How to Prepare GSTR 3B With API Published on:29/10/2020
Here is a process shown how you can able to upload your GSTR 3B Return with the API on Govt. GST Portal
How to Share OTP with Your CA and Tax Practitioner Published on:29/10/2020
OTP we need always for GST different processes this goes to Clients Register Mobile number or Email id here is the video how you can share it.
GSTPro-Taxbase Mini Lite Android Application Published on:29/10/2020
Through Taxbase Mini Lite Android Application you can able to issue Single user GST software to your Customers as well as Android Mobile App also you can able to provide trough this option